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Mother Spots Officer Going Above and Beyond To Help Little Boy (Photo)


A mother’s photo of a police officer helping a boy in need went viral.

A photo of the incident was sent to KRDO News in Fountain, Colorado, by a local mother who explained the heartwarming situation.

“This morning I was waiting to follow my daughters school bus to attend a field trip at the Venetucci farm, my daughter attends Sunrise Elementary. While I was waiting this police officer pulled up, got out of his car to help this little boy out,” the mother, named Christina, wrote to KDRO in a text message regarding the incident.

“I believe he missed his bus and this police officer picked him up, drove him to school, helped him out of the car, then bent down to tie his shoes then walked him in.” 

KRDO shared the photo to their Facebook page, and it garnered over 25,000 likes and nearly 7,000 shares in just a few days.

Christina explained that she felt compelled to share what she witnessed because she wanted to highlight the officer’s selflessness. 

“I had to capture this moment, especially with all the negativity with police officers going around,” she wrote. “How amazing is this to see? I didn't get this officers name, but I felt I needed to share so the world can see that not all police officers are bad."

The officer, identified as Officer Klinge of the Fountain Police Department, was praised on social media for his good deed.

“I love this just because it is a positive story no matter who he is. It's the human side of this officer. They are fathers/mothers, sons/daughters, husbands/wife's [sic],” one viewer commented.

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