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Mother Sparks Controversy For Shocking Photo Of Baby (Photo)

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A shocking photo of a mother seemingly putting a lit cigarette in her baby's mouth sparked outrage across the internet.

The photo, which was posted to Instagram, showed the baby inhaling from a lit cigarette that was held by a woman's hand. The woman's fingernails were painted red.

"Trying brittnies cig hahaha," the caption read. The mother attempted to justify it by calling it a "joke" and saying that the baby "barely inhaled."

"For everyone getting offended she only had one puff," the mother said. 

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Many readers expressed horror over the photo, calling for the mother to have her child taken away.

"Some one punch that woman in the face now," one Daily Mail reader commented. 

One viewer suggested that the picture was digitally edited and that the context of the photo might not have been accurate. Others disagreed with the idea that the context was at all a factor.

"I don't think the context is the problem -- just the fact a child has a cigarette in their mouth," one viewer wrote.

In a similar incident, a Clearwater, Florida, woman was arrested after police said she gave birth to a child while smoking crack. 

Katrina Kegelman was charged with child neglect before the child died of injuries, and was last reported to be potentially facing more charges after the results of an autopsy came through.

"There's not a drug in this world that could have made me stash my baby in the bushes and then lie to people and tell them it's not there," said Carrie Meeks, who lived in the home where Kegelman gave birth to her baby. 

Meeks told WFTS that she spotted Kegelman walking near her home and let her inside to take a shower and put on some clean clothes. Soon, Meeks noticed that the woman was in labor and offered to take her to the hospital, but Kegelman had already given birth by the time Meeks went to call for help.

Kegelman begged Meeks not to call 911, but Meeks snuck away and called for an ambulance. During this time, Kegelman ran into the woman's backyard and hid the baby under a plant.

Kegelman later told police that she hid the child because she was afraid she'd be arrested -- as she'd just smoked crack before giving birth. 

When authorities arrived, Kegelman at first refused to tell them where the child was. She finally pointed toward the backyard, leading fire rescue officials to the baby. 

Kegelman was taken to a nearby hospital before being arrested. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WFTS / Photo credit: Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons, Instagram via Daily Mail 

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