Mother Enraged To Find Disturbing Caption About Her Baby On Social Media (Photo)

A South Carolina mother was infuriated after reading a SnapChat video of her daughter posted on social media with a disturbing message, which could be interpreted as a death threat.

Asia Ifield from Summerville, South Carolina, sent her seven-month-old daughter to Life Christian Child Developmental Daycare Center while she was working and attending classes. According to ABC 4 News, Ifield saw a video of her crying child on social media with the caption, “Ima kill this damn girl.” The video was posted by an employee at the daycare center, who is an acquaintance of Ifield’s.

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"Just videotaping a baby, making fun of a baby, like that’s funny, it’s not,” Ifield said, “Not funny at all. She had snot running all down her nose, down her mouth. Snot is going all the way down her mouth and she’s not doing anything about it. She’s probably swallowing her own snot."

The young mother discussed this issue with managers at the child care center. As management reportedly gave her the runaround, she filed a report with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office. Ifield did not address the matter with the employee in question. The daycare allegedly reported an incident to child protective services.

“Justice for me is for her not to video tape anyone else’s child because this isn’t just about me, it’s about other babies, too, and I don’t think that should be allowed,” Ifield explained. “Especially me, being a single mother, you can’t put your child in daycare without their child being threatened or abused.”

According to Lift Bump, Ifield listed several reasons for boycotting the child care center, including alleged verbal abuse, child neglect, videotaping a child, threatening a child, and allowing her daughter’s face to remain covered with snot and cereal. In addition to this incident, she reported receiving belongings from other babies when she picked up her daughter.

"I had a lot of rage going through my mind,” the mother explained. “I had a lot of anger. But you know, I'm not going to go and be crazy. I'm going to do it the right way, the legal way.”

Sources: ABC 4 News, Lift Bump / Photo credit: ABC 4 News, The Daily Mail

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