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Watch: Mom Takes All Of The Candy From Home On Halloween (Video)


A mother was caught on video (below) stealing candy from outside of a home on Halloween, leaving children with nothing to take. 

In the video, several children and parents are seen approaching a home with candy displayed on the porch. The homeowners had left a note on the porch that asked trick-or-treaters to “be considerate,” and most obliged, according to the video, which was posted on Reddit.

A short time later, a mother is seen approaching the home with two children. They begin grabbing candy by the handful and stuffing it into bags. The mother then takes the rest of the candy, emptying out several containers to do so.

At the end of the video, a child is seen approaching the house only to realize that all the candy is gone.

The clip quickly went viral, with many criticizing the mother for her actions.

“I've met people like this before. The part that gets me the most is the smirking and acting like they got one over on someone for being ‘stupid,’” one viewer wrote on Reddit.

“The worst part about this is the kids initially were going to leave some (although they nearly took all of them anyway) candy bars for other trick r' treaters but then god damn Lumpy Space Princess here went and taught them they should be greedy and inconsiderate to their fellow neighbors and just take it all,” another Redditor, SuperbadCouch, added.

What do you think of what the mother did? Watch the clip below.

Sources: Reddit, YouTube / Photo credit:


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