Mother Canada Goose Severely Injured Trying To Protect Her Eggs (Photos)

A mother Canada goose in Ohio is lucky to be alive after being severely injured while trying to save her eggs from a nest fire in May.

Tim White, a wildlife specialist, and his daughter were on their way to White’s office when they spotted smoke coming from around the corner of the building, the Sandusky Register reports. When the two went to investigate, they saw a smoldering fire and a goose sitting on the nest bravely trying to protect her eggs.

"It wasn't blazing like a bonfire. You could see a little blaze around the nest," he told the newspaper.

White and his daughter went to grab buckets filled with water to extinguish the fire. Instead of running away, the goose put her own life at risk to protect the eggs, White says.

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"She was doing the motherly thing. She was very protective of those eggs," he said. "She took the brunt of the heat and the fire.”

According to The Dodo, someone had set fire to her nest with cigarettes and now police are looking for the culprits.

Back To The Wild, a nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center in Castalia, Ohio, stepped in to care for the goose who has injuries on her wings, flight and tail feathers.

All her eggs were being kept safe in an incubator, but it is unclear if they will hatch. If they do hatch, they will be reunited with the mother and released together into the wild in the summer.

“At this time, we also have Canada goose eggs that were orphaned,” Heather Yount of Back To The Wild told GrindTV in an email. “Geese are great moms and will often adopt babies that are not theirs, so if she accepts her own offspring back, we may also add in the orphans so they can grow up in the wild with a wild Canada goose. Growing up wild is the best thing for them.”

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Photo Credit: Screenshot via Yanu ari/YouTube, Back To The Wild, Castalia, Ohio/Facebook


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