Mother And Daughter Engage In Texting War (Video)


Liz Hammett has collected screenshots of the funny and angry texts between herself and her mom (with whom she is apparently at war with) on Facebook for some time. Hammett also posted a video of her mother yelling at her April 2 (video below).

Hammett warns viewers on the video posting: "If you've read her texts but don't know her.... this is my mother. I apologize in advance for the foul language."

In the video, the mom screams at Hammett to stop her filming her while her adult daughter laughs.

In another clip, the mother appears to be texting her offspring and laughing while Hammett films.

In the next clip, the mom drops the F-bomb ​while driving.

That clip is followed by the mother in the grocery store yelling at her precious daughter not to film and trying to block the camera shot with her hands.

In another lovely moment, Liz scares her mom when she walks into the house.

"I am gonna beat your damn ass!" the mom shouts. "Get it off! Get it off!"

The Daily Mail notes that Hammett has been collecting and publishing the screenshots of the texts for months.

The texts include one memorable moment when Liz is accused of reprogramming the auto-correct function on her mother's phone to type "butt" as a default for certain words.

"Elizabeth did you do something to my phone," the mom types. "Every time I type but it changes it to butt."

Liz types back, "What does it change it to?"

The poor mom accidentally types "butt" several times to Liz's great joy.

There are also several instances where the mom calls Liz a "rotten" and "awful" child for torturing her.

In another exchange, the mom texts Liz to pick up her phone, but the dear daughter tells her mom that she has the wrong number.

The "Texts from my Mother" Facebook page has gone viral with more than 600,000 shares, and 74,000 "likes."

Sources: Facebook (2), Daily Mail / Photo credit: Liz Hammettvia YouTube

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