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Mother Abandons Baby In The Street Because Father Won't Help Out (Video)

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An angry mother was caught on video (below) leaving her newborn baby in the middle of the street near the father’s house, after getting fed up with his lack of willingness to help out.

In the video, the woman filming is seen walking towards the two parents, while a baby carrier is visibly sitting in the street. The mother is firs heard arguing with the newborn’s father, explaining that she abandoned the newborn so that the father could take responsibility. 

“He needs to take care of them,” she says. “He isn’t paying s**t.”

“It’s about the babies,” the woman filming responds. The mother continues to defend her actions, saying that she’s tired of the father not contributing to raising their child. 

It is unclear who the mother is or the relationship between the estranged couple and the woman filming. 

Watch the disturbing confrontation below.

Sources: Inquisitr, YouTube / Photo credit:


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