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What's Wrong With This Picture? (Photos)

A holiday photo has gone viral thanks to the family dog. 

The Daily Mail reports that an image of a family gathered for a holiday photo was posted by an anonymous Reddit user on Monday, causing the internet to explode with laughter. 

The photo, which appears to show a happy family gathering in their living room, is "ruined" by the dog in the foreground, who chose that exact moment to go Number Two.  The shot even manages to capture Fido directly in the act. 

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One Reddit user commented,” Haha the dog looks like he knows exactly what he’s doing.”  

Another added, “Yep, that’s one to send out to all the friends and relatives!”  

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This is not the first photo to go viral on Reddit after users gave it a closer inspection.  Check out this photo of friends sitting side-by-side on a sofa.  Can you spot what’s wrong with the picture?  

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Turns out, there are six friends, but only five pairs of legs!  

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Redditors are stumped, with the most plausible explanation so far being that the second girl from the left actually has her legs pinned behind the girl at the edge of the sofa, and the third girl from the left is sitting at an angle. 

And how about this photo of three women sitting on a park bench?  Notice anything strange?  

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It appears that there is no bench seat!  The women seem to be sitting on thin air.  

The likely explanation is that it’s one of those benches that has a really short seat, and the angle of the camera caught the edge of the seat dead-on, thus creating an optical illusion. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Reddit / Photo credit: Reddit, Imgur via Daily Mail

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