Alec Baldwin Wears Russia Pin In 'SNL' Skit Mocking Trump (Video)

"Saturday Night Live" picked up right where they left off with yet another skit mocking President Donald Trump and his administration (video below).

The show aired on Jan. 21. Alec Baldwin had been making headlines for his impersonation of Trump, but a hidden joke in his latest sketch has some social media users saying he's gone too far, Mashable reported.

The Jan. 21 Trump administration skit poked fun at the president's recent phone calls with Australia, Germany and Mexico, and his controversial executive orders. It also painted his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, as the grim reaper.

But one social media user noticed something about Baldwin's jacket lapel that is now sparking some outrage.

"The lapel pin on SNL's 'President Trump' is the Russian flag," the Twitter user noted.

Reactions about the hidden joke were mixed. Some Twitter users applauded "Saturday Night Live" for their "comedic genius," while others felt the show had gone too far.

"Not funny anymore...This Government is a Circus," wrote one user.

"comedic genius is in the detalis," wrote another.

"They've been doing that for a couple weeks," tweeted another user. "It's become my favorite hidden gag in the history of SNL."

"Causing not solving problems," tweeted another.

The skit also made a subtle mention of Hitler, joking that Trump was going to write a memoir one day about his presidency and call it "My Struggle," which translates to "Mein Kampf" in German.

Sources: Mashable, Scott Bixby/Twitter / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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