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Mother Regularly Mistaken As Daughters' Sister (Photos)

Photos of a group of women have gone viral after people were shocked to learn that one of the three women was the mother of the other two.

Natalie Wardell, 45, says she regularly gets mistaken as being the same age as her two daughters, Jazmyne and Tamika, aged 21 and 19, respectively.

The mother and her daughters regularly go out clubbing together and share photos on social media that leave followers speechless that Natalie is 45. 

"Some even think Jazmyne is my mum because she's so tall and I'm so short," Natalie told Mirror.

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"I guess it's a compliment to me, but people will say things like 'you try to copy them,' but I mean I've had long blonde hair since I was 15," Natalie continued. "It's just genetics."

Natalie says that she and her daughters will sometimes get confused looks from strangers if they are out in public and one of her daughters calls for their mother.

"Everyone looks around as if to say, 'Who on earth are you talking to?'" she said. 

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Natalie and her daughters consider themselves to be best friends, regularly attending festivals and car shows together. 

"Every weekend as a family we try to go to a car event," Wardell told the Daily Mail. "Two of them are into cars but one's not, which is good for my husband because he doesn't have any sons at all."

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Wardell says that the family's shared interest in cars and nights out on the town keep them much closer together.

Sources: Daily MailMirror / Photo credit: Instagram via Mirror, Instagram via Daily Mail

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