'Most Armed Man In America' Has More Than 3,000 Weapons (Video)


Mel Bernstein, a resident of El Paso County, Colorado, reportedly owns more than 3,000 weapons (video below).

Self-dubbed "the most armed man in America," Bernstein has a private military museum called Dragon Land, reports The Sun.

Bernstein started collecting weapons in 1982.

His collection includes everything from from bazookas to samurai swords -- and it's worth over $10 million.

The tattooed biker also has 80 military vehicles, a firing range, gun store and paint-ball course.

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Bernstein, who calls himself the Dragon Man, gave a video tour of his establishment back in February:

Today we’re going to explain why they call me the most armed man in America. Look in back of me. Look at these machine guns, everything here works, fully operational. I have almost 200 of them in my name. I don’t think anyone in the United States has that many guns in their name... I have weapons so big I can’t even shoot them.

Bernstein grew up in Brooklyn as the son of a chiropractor, but he quit school in ninth grade to build motorcycles, collect firearms and ride his motorcycle with gangs.

After a brief stint during the Vietnam War, Bernstein started a motorcycle-repair shop in New York.

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However, he and his wife Terry Flanell decided to move to Colorado, open a gun store and build his collection.

Sadly, Terry died in 2012 when she was hit by two smoke bombs while filming a Discovery Channel TV reality show about the military.

"I lost my best friend," Bernstein said at the time.

He devoted his attention to his military museum that boasts over 900 uniformed mannequins and 88 vehicles, which earns him about $600,000 annually.

Bernstein has devoted a room to every country the U.S. has fought since World War One, which includes Nazi Germany.

The Nazi room has swastikas and machine guns.

Bernstein said: "The Nazis had the fastest and best machine guns in World War Two."

Bernstein showed off his Nazi memorabilia -- SS belt buckle with a hidden pistol -- to The Gazette in February.

He also built a World War II bunker with uniformed mannequins manning anti-aircraft bazookas amidst bullet-riddled pots and pans.

The 71-year-old also shared his secrets of looking youthful: "Yeah, I've stayed in good shape. You know why? No drinking, no smoking, no drugs, and I've worked like hell every day."

Bernstein also recalled his late wife, "Every day I think about her," and how he could have been a reality TV star: "I think about how there would've been tourists lined up outside like American Pickers, buying T-shirts all day and coming to meet me and doing autographs. You know the star I would've been? I would've been a star!"

Sources: The Sun, The Gazette / Photo Credit: Clint Satterwhite/Flickr, Facebook via The Sun

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