'Morning Joe' Hosts Mika And Joe Quarrel On Air (Video)


Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski quarreled on air August 10 while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump with their panelists on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" (video below).

According to POLITICO, Brzezinski was upset at House Speaker Paul Ryan for refusing to denounce Trump's "Second Amendment people" comments about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton:

[Trump] can't stop. This is proven again and again and again and again. He can't stop himself. He is a train wreck going 1,000 miles an hour. It is about the Republicans around him now, the story is about you. and I don’t mean to have a nasty tone and I say to Paul Ryan, "Go home and spend some time with your family."

Scarborough interrupted: "You’re a Democrat, Mika. You’re a Democrat. Let me say this. Let me say this, OK? Because It means nothing coming from you, OK? You’re a Democrat."

Brzezinski fired back, "Excuse me?"

"It means nothing coming from a Democrat to these Republicans," Scarborough insisted.

"Well, actually, the Democrats are going to win the election, so if you want to actually have a flying chance, you're going to have to do something that makes sense," Brzezinski replied.

Scarborough cut her off again and lectured the Republicans on allowing Trump to destroy the party.

Brzezinski continued with her advice to Ryan, and concluded: "And I’m sorry that I’m a Democrat and it means nothing coming from me, but I’m telling you, that’s how this story ends."

Scarborough told Brzezinski not to get mad at him, but she confirmed her anger.

"I was making a point that they’re just going to say, 'Oh, you’re a Democrat,'" Scarborough stated.

"Okay, well, good," Brzezinski said. "When I turn out to be right like I have been every step of the way, you all can enjoy saying it means nothing coming from me."

Scarborough went on to explain his Republican/Democrat theory again, and told Brzezinski that he was not cutting her off, and said they should unite and not divide as President George W. Bush would advise.

Mark Halperin, a panelist on "Morning Joe," appeared on Bloomberg Politics on August 9 where he scolded Trump for his comments, but then tried to equate those comments with a quip from Vice President Joe Biden in 2008, notes CrooksAndLiars.com.

"Now, we should say that he is not the first person under U.S. Secret Service protection to joke about guns and violence. Here's Joe Biden from September 2008," Halperin said.

The program showed a clip of Biden saying, "I guarantee you, Barack Obama ain't taking my shotguns, so don't buy that malarkey, don't buy that malarkey. They're gonna start peddling that to you. I've got two. If he tries to pull my Beretta, he's gotta problem."

Halperin opined, "Same to me. Same kind of thing. Making a joke about someone else who is being protected, who has had death threats against him. Saying, 'You mess with my guns, you'll have a problem.'"

After comparing the two, and switching from Trump to Biden, Halperin tweeted a warning to others: "Social media & cable commentators tempted to justify what Trump said or deflect to another topic should think twice. And think again."

Sources: POLITICO, CrooksAndLiars.com, Mark Halperin/Twitter / Photo credit: MSNBC via YouTube

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