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Terrifying Clip Shows Morgue Doors Slamming Shut (Video)

A video (below) of a door in a morgue opening and shutting on its own has gone viral and is scaring viewers.

The clip, which is almost two minutes long, shows a Brazilian security officer and his partner making their way through an empty morgue, reports Elite Daily. The two are staring at a cabinet door that is repeatedly opening and closing at the end of the hall. As the two approach the seemingly haunted door, the lights begin to flicker.

Thinking that someone may be behind the door and physically slamming it, one officer slowly approaches. But the door opens to a narrow cabinet and the space between the door and the wall is only a few inches. 

The two continue to look around to see if anyone is hiding nearby. AOL reports that the video is captioned "Creepy cam footage of forcefully slamming door at Brazilian morgue."

However, upon further investigation, the video was actually shot at the Comprehensive Care for Children and Adolescents in southern Brazil. 

The video was originally posted on Reddit on March 14. In three days, it had amassed over 1 million views and over 1,000 comments.

Some users have provided theories as to why the door was slamming against the wall by itself.

"[There must be] air current traveling through the building and down that hole under the door catches the door in between," one user writes. "Since it's on hinges, it's able to swing back and forth. Same thing happens in my house when two windows are open in separate rooms with a door inbetween. The door goes back and forth as the air pressure changes."

Other commenters were unconvinced.

"That would be one hell of an air current," someone replied. "And it's have to be switching back and forth at the speed the door is opening and closing. That seems pretty unlikely."

Other users contend that the video was staged or that somebody was playing a prank on the officers.

"I think it's more likely completely staged, like a 'found footage' sort of deal," one person wrote. "The light going out was a perfect way to have anyone necessary 'clear the scene', right before the door was inspected. A thin line, like a fishing wire, tied to it, and led around the corner, to tug at in a rhythm. When it goes black, the flashlight is not fixed on the object of their attention, but at the wall for some reason. Perfect time to undo the wire, and simply let it drop out of sight, as they investigate the door."

"It would require a third person to be involved completely off camera, and being almost completely silent, but I think it's highly possible," they concluded.

Sources: Elite Daily, AOL, Reddit / Photo credit: max merz/Flickr

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