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Report: Malia Obama's Dog Attacked Her Friend (Photos)

Reports reveal further information about the White House guest that Sunny, the Obama family's dog, allegedly attacked. 

The unnamed 18-year-old woman is reportedly first daughter Malia Obama's friend. She later posted photos on social media, where it went viral, the Daily Mail reports.

"I f***ing hate Sunny,"  the young woman wrote while uploading pictures of a doctor's office, where a smiling Malia can be seen from behind.

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"Malia thinks it's funny," she added in a Snapchat photo.

Sunny, a 4-year-old female Portuguese water dog, allegedly left a bloody scratch on the young woman's face after she attempted to kiss and pet the dog. She reportedly had stitches to close the wound.

The Obama family doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, reportedly said the young woman should be fine, but may have a small scar.

The White House has yet to confirm the incident.

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The attack has surprised some because Portuguese water dogs are generally known for their docile temperament. 

In contrast to first dog Bo -- also a Portuguese water dog --  it appears Sunny often gets herself in trouble.

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Sunny once knocked over a 2-year-old girl at a White House Christmas party, although it's unclear if that was on purpose.

President Obama himself once remarked on Sunny's unruly behavior.

"Sunny is a wonderful dog," he once said in an interview with People magazine. "But there have been times where she just decided that the area near the Lincoln Bedroom and my office -- at the other end of the hall from her crate -- is included in being outside when it comes to pooping, which is not true. It’s still the inside. She didn’t always understand that."

What's more, it appears Sunny may -- at times -- intentionally be misbehaving.

"She knows that she’s doing something wrong because she’ll run and sneak [past me]," added the president. "Sometimes I’ll be in my office, and I’m doing my work and I’ll see this like scurrying -- and I got to get up and run before she does her thing, because if I’m too late then there’s a little gift that she leaves."

Sources: Daily Mail, People / Photo credit: Snapchat via Daily Mail

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