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Mophie Super Bowl Ad May Be The Year's Best (Video)

A Super Bowl ad from cell phone accessory company Mophie is being hailed by some as the best Super Bowl ad this year, even though it’s ahead of the big game.

The commercial, which has been released online by the company, paints a picture of what the world might look like if it ended, but the reason behind the world’s demise is actually because of a cell phone battery dying.

“Even the most powerful people in the world are rendered useless,” Deutsch LA North American chief creative officer Pete Favat explained, according to MLive. “So to illustrate this idea, we chose to use the 'all Powerful' to be rendered 'all powerless.' It's a cinematic take on what happens to all of us down here on Earth. On a side note, we also think that God has awesome hair.”

Reports note that this is actually the very first national advertisement for Mophie, and clearly, they set the bar high for themselves. See the Super Bowl ad everyone’s talking about below.

Sources:MLive, USA Today


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