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Mom Captures Toddlers Lapping Milk With Family Dogs (Photo)

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When mom Kylie Cain saw her two toddlers get down on the floor to lap up spilt milk with the family dogs, she couldn't help but snap a picture.

Myla, 2, and April-Rose, 1, went on their hands and knees to drink milk off the floor as the family dogs did the same. Cain told the Mirror that while she was annoyed by the mess, it was "too funny" a moment not to capture.

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"Before I knew it the milk was all over the floor and the girls had decided that licking it up was the best next step," Cain said. "It's definitely not something you see every day. It's one of those mum moments where you don't know whether to laugh or cry but in the end I decided it was way too funny not to capture it."

After the incident, Cain took to Facebook to post a humorous "For Sale" advertisement for her two "poodles," a reference to her two curly-headed daughters. She hoped to find them a "good home."

"I am reluctant to have to get rid but I have no choice -- they’re such hard work. They tag team each other all the time and they’re eating me out of my own home in fact," Cain's post read, reports The Sun. "They all take it in turns to do something they shouldn’t on daily basis like a game of Chinese whispers. So if you can be the perfect people for the two poodles on the right, message me. I’m offering them to a good home. Can you sell kids on eBay?"

Cain says Myla and April-Rose enjoy making messes daily -- the bigger, the better. One of their favorite gags is running into Cain's bedroom and covering it, and themselves, with baby powder.

"The mischief they get up to can get annoying and I do feel like I spend all my time cleaning up after them. But it just brings them so much joy and the boys find them absolutely hilarious too." Cain is also mother to Leon, 12, and Billy-Joe, 8.

"They are like the Kray twins, wreaking havoc around the house," Cain told the Mirror, referring to the notorious London gangsters from the 1950s and '60s.

She also said the dogs get in on the fun: "They get up to everything and they do it all together. And the dogs are always there with them -- they're all in on it. Staffies get a bad reputation but they are absolutely fantastic with all the kids. They have such a great bond."

The girls have been known to cover themselves in marker and lipstick, as well as breaking or spilling anything that isn't nailed to the wall.

"I'm just [letting] kids be kids. You have to," says Cain. "You can't shout at them all the time."

Sources: Mirror, The Sun / Photo credit: Chris Pelliccione/Flickr, Mirror

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