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Mom's Back-To-School Celebration Goes Viral (Photos)

Mom's Back-To-School Celebration Goes Viral (Photos) Promo Image

An Alabama mom is celebrating being free from her children.

It's the first time in 11 years that Jena Willingham's children will all be in school during the day, giving her some much-needed alone time, reports the Daily Mail.

Jena and her husband, Edd, decided to document the occasion by posting it on Facebook.

So they took a photo with Jena smiling happily while floating on an inflatable raft in the family pool, glass of champagne in hand.

Behind her, the three kids pose in their back-to-school attire, appearing dismayed at the prospect of heading off to school while their mother celebrates the occasion.

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The scenario was faked, as BuzzFeed points out. They staged the photo on the Sunday before school began, so as not to disrupt the kids' first day of class.

The post has since gone viral, providing evidence that mothers across the U.S. can relate to her joy.

"This is going to be me," predicted one Facebook user, who was so happy at the thought that she punctuated her comment with several laughing emojis.

Another declared: "Too funny! I love that you can joke about it and give us all a good laugh! Best back to school pic yet!"

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One person hailed Jena for her bravery. "You say in the pic what so many of us moms are feeling but aren't brave enough to say!"

Although there were some who criticized her for not wanting to be constantly with her kids, Jena advises them "not to feel guilty about wanting a break from your kids, because we do a lot for them."

Jena told BuzzFeed she felt she deserved a break because of the nonstop summer bickering among 11-year-old Wrangler, 7-year-old Emmy and 4-year-old Sykes.

"They have been fighting over everything all summer ... over who's going to use the charger, who's going to sit in the front seat," she explained. "So I said, 'I'm so tired of listening to y'all argue, I'm just going to sit in the pool on the first day of school and let my brain hear the silence.'"

The post going viral yielded additional benefits, as she explained in an interview with "I told my husband, I am too famous to cook tonight!" What Edd managed to do for dinner that night was not reported.

As it turns out, Jena didn't get that Monday off, after all. While the kids were off at school, she ended up baby-sitting her niece.  

Sources: Daily Mail, BuzzFeed / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Facebook/Jena Willingham via Daily Mail

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