Mom's 'Alien' Footage Of Baby Goes Viral (Video)


Video (below) of a pregnant woman and her exceptionally lively fetus kicking inside her bump is going viral.

The anonymous French mother, who posted the video on YouTube and affectionately referred to her fetus as an “alien baby,” is lying still as her abdomen is pushed out by fetus with seemingly superhuman strength.

Some commenters asked whether the video was fake, but the soon-to-be-mother insisted, “Yes it was real. I didn't think he would do this when I filmed it. But it doesn't hurt at all.” 

The clip has had more than 160,000 views since it was uploaded in May 2014 and provoked a slew of reactions, according to Daily Mail.

In the video, the French woman’s abdomen ripples as the fetus squirms around before it starts to go into full “alien” mode and shifts the shape of the woman’s stomach with force.

Some users thought the video might be fake and were mystified as the woman's hand came into perspective on the top of the baby bump.

Others compared it to a scene from 1979 movie, "Alien," in which interstellar beings emerge from the bodies of human hosts. 

“That's really impressive! I have never seen a baby move like that!” wrote one user.

“I can’t believe that you had so much amniotic fluid that we can see clearly like that. Shocked, I know that we can often see waves or the bumps but at this point here I am shocked,” said another.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via Daily Mail

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