Man Faints, EMT Finishes Mowing His Lawn (Photo)


After responding to a 911 call, an EMT went beyond the call of duty.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Ken Densley of Sacramento, California, wrote that his elderly father collapsed while mowing the lawn on April 16. Born in 1929, the father still reportedly does not let anyone else mow his lawn.

After he passed out, neighbors called emergency services. Although Densley’s father initially refused to go to the hospital, that didn’t stop the EMT from performing a selfless act of kindness.

" ... [W]hile [my sister and I] were talking [our father] back inside one of the EMTs put the gurney away and the other finished mowing the lawn!" Densley wrote. "I told him I would do that but he insisted!"

The emergency services worker reportedly finished mowing the lawn and then put the mower away.  

According to the American Medical Response official website, their mission is to make a difference by caring for those in need. They aim to be caregivers above everything else.

Densley's April 16 Facebook post included a photo of the EMT, hard at work. It has since gone viral, receiving over 10,000 likes and 1,900 shares in four days.

"Being an EMT is a special calling," Facebook user Gaylen Carney Smith wrote in the post's comments section. "They are brave beyond measure and have such heart-warming empathy for the people they serve!"

"What the EMT did isn't part of the training or the job," Sammi Henricksen wrote. "It's part of an amazing, honorable man."

Later that day, Densley’s father went to the hospital and stayed overnight.

"He was discharged last night and we just got back from a follow up visit with his doctor and he's doing great," Densley wrote in an update to the Facebook post. "He has also promised to let us mow the lawn from now on!"

Densley added in a comment that he rearranged his schedule so he'll be able to mow his father’s lawn.

Sources: Ken Densley/Facebook, American Medical Response / Photo Credit: Ken Densley/Facebook

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