Teacher Breaks Down Over Prince's Death (Video)


A video (below) of an English teacher breaking down into tears after learning of Prince’s death has gone viral.

Matthew Patterson is an English teacher at Banneker High School in College Park, Georgia, the NY Daily News reports. After he learned of Prince's death on April 21, he showed his class a video of Prince performing the hit record "Purple Rain." He then suddenly took his glasses off and bowed his head in mourning.

The moment was captured on video by one of Patterson’s students. The student posted the video on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

“It hit me like a ton of bricks,” Patterson told the NY Daily News.

“I talked about what Prince meant to me as an artist and a brave performer and a person unwilling to take stuff from record companies," he added.

“I’ve been listening to Prince since I was 7. … I must’ve spent thousands and thousands of hours listening to Prince. I was just a huge fan.”

Patterson recalled the last time he saw Prince perform.

“The last time he was in Atlanta, he was at Philips Arena playing an acoustic guitar,” Patterson said. “It was the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Who can captivate 20,000 people with one acoustic guitar?”

The Twitter video, posted on April 21, garnered over 70,800 likes and 57,100 retweets in just one day.

Sources: NY Daily News, Shvrdae/Twitter / Photo Credit: Shvrdae/Twitter via YouTube

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