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Mom Wears Chewbacca Mask While In Labor (Video)

Katie Stricker Curtis posted a video (below) to Facebook on Jan. 2 of herself in labor while wearing a Chewbacca mask.

Katie is the wife of WXYZ photographer Danny Stricker, who filmed her in this funny but precious moment, notes the Detroit news station.

Katie wrote this message on Facebook: "Just because I'm about to be a mom doesn't mean I have to grow up! Bwahahahahs never take life too seriously! Best Christmas gift ever! #havingababy #pregnancyhairgrowth."

"That mask makes me laugh so hard, it makes me so happy inside," Katie told Inside Edition, after she gave birth to Jayden Lee. "I was in some pain, yeah. So it was like, now is the time. It made it really funny. The doctors thought it was hysterical"

She got the idea for the video after watching another mom, Candace Payne, who wore the mask in her car in 2016.

"I had seen the original Chewbacca video over the summer and thought it was so funny!" Katie told the "TODAY" show. "I watched it over and over and laughed and laughed!"

Katie said that near the end of her pregnancy, she wanted to get it over with.

"My brother got me the mask for Christmas as a joke, hoping I would laugh my way into labor," Katie recalled. "So I thought it would be funny if I wore the mask during part of my labor."

Katie put the "Stars Wars" mask on during her her third hour of labor. Scott filmed her and sent the video to Katie's brother.

Katie later put it on Facebook.

"One of my friends asked if she could make it public so she could share it and that’s when it took off!” Katie stated.

Like Payne before her, Katie's video has gone viral with nearly half a million views, and has generated lots of comments on Facebook:

  • She should have worn a darth vader mask.
  • can you get me one of these when I'm in labor hahah
  • First Congratulations about the baby I know he/she is going to beautiful. And second where can I get that mask. CONGRATULATIONS

Sources: WXYZ, Katie Stricker Curtis/Facebook, TODAY, Inside Edition / Photo credit: Katie Stricker Curtis/Facebook via YouTube

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