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College Student Surprises Breastfeeding Mother

More and more women are fighting to normalize breastfeeding in public. Some of the younger generations, who still haven’t had children, are showing their gratitude. 

On the Facebook page “Peaceful Parenting,” a woman identified as Katy wrote that she and some friends, including a breast-feeding mother, were at a Chipotle in North Carolina that was filled with college students. “One girl ran over, dropped this on the table, smiled and walked out the door.”

The student, who hasn’t been identified, gave the mother a $15 Chipotle gift card with a message that read: “Thank you for breastfeeding in public - helping reduce the stigma for future moms like me. You rock!”

The Facebook post went viral and garnered almost 9,000 reactions and more than 1,750 shares since it was posted on Feb. 19. Although the mother was not identified in the post, she was later identified by her first name, Maxine, by Cosmopolitan magazine.

"I was so touched by this young woman's kindness," Maxine said. "She dropped the card in front of me and walked away before I could even read the note. I am glad that I could have an impact on her."

The college student, who hasn’t been identified, was widely praised in the comments section as well, although some lamented that breastfeeding is still considered taboo.

“I studied in the USA for a couple of years but I'm Italian and I'm always deeply sad to realize how stigmatized motherhood is in your country,” wrote Anna Belladelli. “Breastfeeding in public is normal here, and also taking at least two months off before and six after giving birth. I love my job and I'm a better mom when I teach in the morning and take care of my child in the afternoon (and) evening.”

Sources: Peaceful Parenting/Facebook, Cosmopolitan Magazine / Photo credit: Peaceful Parenting/Facebook

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