Mother Invoices Son For Taking Her For Granted (Photo)


A fed-up Canadian mother has issued her 23-year-old son an invoice for a year’s worth of payments and expenses because she felt he was taking her for granted.

Reddit user Chalipo says that he has been living with his mother for about 13 months, according to Mashable. One day, he says he came home to find an invoice from his mother waiting in his room.

The invoice includes charges for food, utilities, cleaning, contributions toward “wedding, xmas gifts, valentines,” prescriptions, and one charge for “being an a**hole.”

After the student shared a photo the invoice online, Reddit users criticized his mother for making parenting about money. His mother replied to critics, saying that the invoice wasn’t real.

“This was done in 5 minutes of anger,” the mother told Metro. “He is lucky and doesn’t realize it.”

In the comments section of his post, Chalipo wrote that he had learned his lesson.

“This was a very effective parenting technique and it has helped me to realize what an entitled little s*** I have been,” Chalipo wrote. “I hope to one day be successful enough to support my family and repay her, but she doesn’t expect me to.”

Sources: MashableMetro / Photo Credit: Metro

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