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Mom Uses Cool Trick To Warn Son Not To Drink Her Vodka (Video)

Parents are often trying to stop their teens from drinking alcohol, usually with a lecture, but one mom recently found a creative way to warn her son (video below).

Seventeen-year-old Spencer Slavazza tweeted a video of a bottle of vodka with a light-up banner that read: "Drink this n I'll whoop ya ass" on Dec. 24.

Spencer told BuzzFeed News that his mom, Cheryl, bought the holiday bottle from Costco, and originally programmed it to say: "Happy holidays from the Slavazzas."

After Cheryl changed the message, Spencer filmed it and the example of clever parenting went viral on Twitter, often with the comment "parent goals."

As a matter of record, Spencer says he has not touched his mom's booze.

"I consider myself a responsible child as I’m underage and respect my mom’s rules," Spencer told BuzzFeed News.

Spencer added that his mom told him "to be careful about what he posts on the Internet."

Another sign has caused supporters of President-elect Donald Trump anger and outrage.

Cafe 8½ in Honolulu, Hawaii, recently posted a sign that said: "If you voted for Trump you cannot eat here! No Nazis," notes the food blog Eater.

Trump supporters responded by writing negative reviews and comments about the restaurant on social media sites, including Yelp, Twitter, Facebook, and TripAdvisor:

"The world does not need people like YOU. Where the hell is your democrat values?"

"You will be out of business this time next year, and America will be a better place. #Trump2016."

"Deplorables unite! Boycott Honolulu's Cafe 8 1/2 which is sporting a large sign telling Trump voters NOT to eat there! Okay, we can do that."

Fox News and other media picked up the story, and the sign came down on Dec. 28, reports The Associated Press.

Cafe co-owner Robert Warner said that he "felt like ending it," and explained his new policy:

It’s not necessary anymore. It ran its course. No need for more aggravation for me or them and all that. No problem, no big deal to me. If somebody came in and said, "Hey, I know you can’t tell who I voted for, but I voted for Trump. Would you let me eat?" I would say, "Sure, if you’re nice with me and I’m nice with you and you like my food, sit down, no problem."

Sources: BuzzFeed News, Eater, The Associated Press via West Hawaii Today / Photo Credit: Spencer Slavazza/Twittervia YouTube

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