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Mom Upset Over List Of Demands From Kindergarten

An Ohio mother said she feels like a failure after the kindergarten her son will attend sent her a list of things he should already be able to do.

The list is titled, "Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?" and suggests that for a child to be prepared, he or she should know how to hold a pencil the right way, cut with scissors correctly, draw a picture and explain it, identify colors and shapes and identify 30 or more letters, among others.

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The Reddit community weighed in on the list, with many people expressing confusion over the number of letters a child should know.

"I only know 26 letters, and I'm in my 30s," one user commented.

"What are the four other letters?" another questioned. "My alphabet only has 26!"

One user, who identified themselves as a former kindergarten teacher, helped clarify the issue.

"Thirty letters means capital and lower case," they explained, adding that the list is used "to get a good idea about where the child stands just to help the teacher out a little."

While Scholastic has a similar list of skills a child should master before kindergarten, it stresses that he or she is not a failure if they fail to do so.

"Don't panic if your child hasn't nailed everything on the list -- she'll learn a lot in kindergarten," Scholastic's website says. "What's more important is to wean her from relying on you to do things she could do herself, such as zipping her jacket or tying her shoes."

Sources: Reddit, Scholastic / Photo Credit: Har Zion Temple, Daily Mail

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