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Facebook Deletes Mom's Account Over Breastfeeding Photo (Photos)

A Missouri mother had her Facebook account deactivated after posting a photo of herself breastfeeding her child and the child of a stranger.

In the now deleted Facebook post, Rebecca Wanosik wrote that she received a text message from a friend asking if she “could feed a stranger’s baby.”

“Was there ever a question?” Wanosik continued. “The baby’s mother was having surgery and the baby is exclusively breastfed and refused a bottle.”

Wanosik said the baby girl looked “hungry and exhausted” when she met her.

“I did what I hope any person would do for my child in a time of despair,” Wanosik explained. “I fed a strangers baby.”

The mother-of-six also shared images of herself breastfeeding her own child and the stranger’s baby at the same time. In the pictures, the babies appear to be holding hands.

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While most social media users commended Wanosik’s actions, others thought the images were inappropriate.

“Cover up!!!! Nobody wants to see your breast,” wrote one Facebook user. “This is Facebook not sexbook.”

“Erm, that can be very dangerous,” wrote another. “Who knows if the other person has Hep B or HIV.”

Wanosik responded to criticisms by writing that she was “surprised by just how many people thought it was weird, or unnatural,” adding that breasts “are meant to feed babies.”

Wanosik’s husband, Anthony, claims Facebook then disabled his wife’s account.

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“So my wife's account got disabled because of the unselfish act she did [by] posting about breastfeeding someone else's baby in need,” Anthony wrote in a Facebook post. “Come on Facebook it was for a good cause.”

Several people commented on Anthony’s post, supporting his wife’s decision to breastfeed the child.

“Your wife is amazing for what she did,” wrote one Facebook user. “And [your'e] awesome for supporting her. A baby deserves to eat and thank God she was there and that baby got the comfort it so badly obviously needed.

“People don't understand it's hard on a breastfed baby sometimes to use a bottle when they want mom or if they never had a bottle. God bless your and your wife y'all are amazing.”

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Sources: Daily Mail, Anthony Wanosik/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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