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Mother Warns Parents About Risk Of Onesies

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A mother is warning the public after her 3-year-old daughter nearly suffocated to death while wearing a onesie to sleep. 

Independent Journal Review reports that onesies are a popular item for parents dressing their babies or toddlers for bed, but one mother is warning parents after her daughter nearly died.  

Katie Price put her 3-year-old daughter, Sophie, to bed in a onesie, and an hour later climbed into bed with her. That was when Katie heard a "weird" noise. 

Katie posted the following message on Facebook: 

Parents who own these zip up onesie Jammies similar to this or the same, DO NOT put your child to bed wearing this!! I'm so thankful Sophie decided to climb in my bed an hour ago because if she didn't I don't know what could have happened. She was so quiet in bed with me, I hear a weird noise and I turn around to her being choked by her onesie, the zip was too high on her neck and stopping her from breathing, she couldn't even tell me or try get my attention because she was suffocating! Thank god I noticed. She is a little shook up right now of course, but she is fine!

I will never buy these again. I'd recommend any parent out there with these to do the same. Who would have thought a simple onesie could almost kill a child!


Just to Clarify for all those who are confused how this happened, she moved up, the onesie moved down at the back, the front tightened around her neck, with it being a zip, it got stuck and she couldn't loosen it, which resulted in her airways being pushed against and strangled basically. Zips on onesies are dangerous for this. Just wanted to warn parents not [realizing] how much this status would blow up.

My daughter is 3, for those who are saying I shouldn't put a BABY to bed in a onesie 

It was from boots, not asda, my mistake!

The onesie label does not have any warnings about not sleeping in it. The onesie was not too small, it fit nicely. This was also the first time I ever put her to bed in this, my house is freezing at night, I didn't once think that would happen.

Some users on Facebook responded with shock. One user wrote, “Omg my daughters got the exact same onesie she wears to bed also, from boots too. This has scared shot out of me ! Surely baby grows can do the same thing though? X.”

Another added, “I puts my son in these been doing it for two years and never had a problem but that's heart wrenching and scary no more of these for my babies.”

Popular British onesie brand Youngsies does advise against its own customers letting their children sleep in the product. The brand explained in a letter: 

We would not recommend sleeping overnight in onesies. Just as we wouldn’t advise an adult to sleep in them we don’t recommend babies and toddlers sleeping in them. People move around in their sleep and making sure you remove anything which can cover their face, cause them to overheat etc is just common sense.

For Katie Price, that advice nearly came too late. 

Sources: Independent Journal ReviewKatie Price/Facebook / Photo Credit: Katie Price/Facebook via Independent Journal Review

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