Police Officer Stops What He's Doing To Help Young Boy Build Snowman (Photos)


A photo of a New York State police officer helping a young boy build a snowman has gone viral on social media.

When Melody Morrison went to go see if her 9-year-old son Mason Fuller needed help building a snowman early during the week of Jan. 4, she saw a police officer already assisting him, Oswego County Today reports.

The officer was with the Fulton City Police Department. He was passing by the boy’s house and offered to help him with his snowman.

“Mason was super excited,” Morrison told Oswego County Today. “The officer helped him make a snowman and even stood with him for a minute and chatted with him, it was great.”

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Morrison took a photo of the officer and shared it on social media. Her next door neighbor, Lisa Hoyt, also took a picture.

“I don’t know the little boy, but (my mom) happened to be looking out the window, and saw a police officer building a snowman with this little boy,” Lindsay Snyder, Hoyt’s daughter, said.

“It is absolutely amazing this officer stopped to help this little boy! It needs to be spread showing positive police enforcement,” Snyder added.

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The photo made rounds on Facebook and was shared by the “Police Unity Tour Team South Florida” page. The Facebook page promotes positive stories involving police officers and raises awareness for officers who have died in the line of duty.

The Police Unity Tour Team South Florida page recently shared a video of a Chicago police officer teaching a group of men how to tie a tie. They captioned the video:

Alright, we assure you with everything constantly going on in Chicago, there are still plenty of positive Law Enforcement contacts taking place. Unfortunately these positive contacts continue to be seen less and less frequently via the local or mainstream media. Thats okay though, we have no issue highlighting them.

Well done Chicago Police Department and great job by these Officers!!

For the record, the Officer seen here did not want any sort of recognition (at all).

We applaud your service Sir!! Stay safe!!

Sources: Oswego County Today, Chicago PD/Facebook / Photo Credit: Oswego County Today

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