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Mom Sees Strange Message On Son's Phone, Reacts Swiftly

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In the digital age, it’s crucial for parents to monitor their children’s activities online and on their smartphones due to the risk of their kids being exposed to predators.

An unidentified Indiana woman, who monitors her 10-year-old son’s social media accounts and cellphone use, lived up to the phrase "mother knows best" when she saved him – and potentially other children – from one of those predators.

The smart mom synced her son’s online activity to her email account, so she receives a notification every time he gets a new message or friend request.

She noticed that her son was receiving strange messages from a person through an application called Kik, so she decided to play detective.

Recognizing that it was a grown man who had contacted her son, the mom pretended to be the boy to see where the exchange would go.

The mother recounted the conversation to AOL News: “He said, 'I’m 30.' And I said, 'I’m 10.' He said, ‘I’m cool with that,’ and he proceeded to say: ‘Where do you live? Do you want to meet up some time?’”

Then the discussion took an even more unsettling turn.

“He’s telling my son he loved him, not even knowing my son,” the mom said. “He wanted to have sex with my son, knowing that he’s 10 … He told my son he wanted to Skype, he wanted to Skype with him … He wanted to see my son’s body.”

The man, who allegedly sent nude photos and illicit messages to the boy, was later identified as 30-year-old Lance Kyer of Indianapolis.

The woman quickly turned her son’s smartphone over to authorities, who continued the investigation by setting up a trap to meet Kyer.

Following his arrest, Kyer confessed to engaging in similar communications with another young boy, a 13-year-old in Cincinnati.

Kyer is facing federal sex charges -- thanks to a nosey mother who wanted to safeguard her child.

“Pay attention to your children; know what your children are doing,” she said.

Sources: Good Housekeeping, AOL News / Photo credit: Good Housekeeping

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