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Christian Mom Boycotts Disneyland For Gay Movie Scene

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Christian mother Brooke Poston published a blog post concerning her decision to cancel her family vacation to Disneyland after it was revealed there would be gay scenes in the new live-action production of "Beauty and the Beast."

On Poston's blog, "This Modest Mom," she wrote about how the decision by Disney to include the homosexual scenes between the characters LeFou and Gaston runs against her religious and personal beliefs. She has therefore canceled her upcoming family trip.

Further along in the post, she takes aim at the content directors at Disney for what she believes to be an agenda push for the LGBT community. She cites examples of a lesbian couple on the TV show "Good Luck Charlie" and quotes a producer of the recent animated film "Moana" as saying there remains a possibility of an LGBT Disney princess in the future.

"Disney isn’t just aiming their efforts towards [parents] of Disney-aged children anymore," she wrote, reports Cosmopolitan. "They are pointing a desperate finger at the innocence of our youth. Disney is targeting our youth like they’re aiming at big game on a corporate hunting trip," Poston wrote.

"Mark my words, I won’t be ‘entertained’ by something that doesn’t align with my religious beliefs. Which definitely means I won’t pay for it," she said.

"Next Disney will be talking about teen sex and abortions in efforts to normalize these issues to children as well."

The internet quickly responded to Poston's article, and much of the reaction was negative. Poston wrote a follow-up posting where she addressed the large public reception.

"With tear filled eyes and a broken heart I read through the nearly 350 Facebook comments, messages, and emails from people who don’t agree with me. They cursed me, called me terrible things, and even said things about my children," she wrote.

Poston went on to defend her right to hold personal and religious beliefs that dictate her financial decisions.

"LGBT people are humans. I don’t think they are bad people. I don’t shun LGBT people. I don’t fear them. I believe that all humans should be treated equally, and with respect. But I have a right to stay true to my religious beliefs as well," said Poston.

The Huffington Post reached out to Poston for comment about the situation, and she reportedly responded in a lengthy email.

"Despite the alarming amount of obscene responses, there has also been an overwhelming amount of support from people on both sides. I’ve read emails from people who identify as LGBTQ and, even though they disagree, commended my courage and stance," she wrote in the email.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, This Modest Mom(2), The Huffington Post / Photo credit: This Modest Mom

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