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Mom Receives Shocking News After Giving Birth (Photos)

Mom Receives Shocking News After Giving Birth (Photos) Promo Image

Only six weeks after giving birth to a healthy baby girl, one mother received the shock of her life when she learned the unbelievable news: she was pregnant again -- with identical twins.

In January 2016, Eliza Curby and her partner, Ben, were thrilled after they gave birth to their daughter Charlie, reports Shareably.

But all too soon, Eliza began to feel a bit "off" -- and had no idea why.

"I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mum, but about a month after having Charlie though I felt really, super exhausted," she recalls, reports.

Everybody reassured her it was just a part of becoming a new mother, but Eliza felt differently.

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"Everyone told me it was sleep deprivation catching up with me but I was not convinced --- I remember looking at Ben and saying, 'I think I’m pregnant,'" she recalls. "He just laughed."

Despite Ben's reaction, Eliza bought four pregnancy tests. All the tests told her she was pregnant.

"My poor body hadn’t even had a chance to recover after the first!" recalls Eliza.

But the Australian mother was in for another shock. When she got an ultrasound, even the technician was surprised by what he saw.

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"The technician seemed awkward and uncomfortable before he finally said … 'look it’s early days..but...I think there’s two,'" remembered Eliza. "And it turns out there was! I was so scared but secretly super excited -- I think everyone has a secret desire for identical twins."

So, in December 2016 -- only 11 months after she gave birth to Charlie -- Eliza welcomed two new additions to the family: baby boys Jack and Wolfe.

"I do feel like I have triplets -- Irish triplets I believe they call them," Eliza said.

It was quite overwhelming for Eliza, who was only just starting to getting used to being a first-time mother before the boys came along.

In the first months after the twins were born, Eliza recalls having to go through about 140 diapers a week for all three children.

"No I don’t know what day it is," she wrote on her blog, Twingenuity, at the time. "No I don’t know which of my identical twins I just fed. No I probably couldn’t spell my name right now. But I am here, and I am functioning. Just."

Despite the stress, Eliza was overjoyed by her new family.

"Ben’s idea of a family included two children -- very nuclear indeed -- I, on the other hand have always been set on having as many children as I can -- nothing excites me more than the thought of walking through our local streets of Mona Vale with my own little clan," she gushed.

Sources: Shareably,, Twingenuity / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Instagram via Shareably

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