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Mom Pens Scathing Open Facebook Post To Neighbors Having Loud Sex

A British mom grew frustrated at her neighbors for having loud sex and keeping her daughter awake, so she decided to pen an open letter to them that quickly went viral on social media.

In her Facebook post, Toni Jeffery bluntly asked her neighbors in Tonbridge, Kent, to be considerate of the fact that there are other people who can hear their activities.

"A plea really — whoever was having really really loud sex last night around the Douglas Road area please consider the fact that it is very hot so everyone has their windows open," Jeffery wrote. "And trying to explain to a two-year-old in the early hours why the lady is 'making funny noises' isn't the easiest of tasks, especially when you have to get up in a few hours for work."

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The post seemed to have struck a chord with people, and many people offered suggestions of how Jeffery could get back at them. Jeffery wound up adding more to her post, making clear that she isn't knocking them for having fun.

"I don't for one minute mean that people shouldn't have a good time, but if I were to stand outside their windows in the small hours banging a drum I'm sure they would be annoyed, but it's the same level of inconsideration." Jeffery wrote. "I just ask for people to be considerate, as I'm sure most of us are."

Most people thought her post was funny, but seem people didn't seem to like it.

"I agree with being considerate but really what's the difference whether it's people having sex waking the kids up to dogs barking to fireworks going off?" one commenter wrote, reported the Mirror. "It's summer, windows are open and to be honest my newborn could have woken my (neighbors) up with her screaming. But what can you do? It's life — you get on with it."

Do you think this was too sensitive in her Facebook post?

Sources: Mirror, Closer / Photo Credit: Toni Jeffery/Facebook via Mirror


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