Mother Outraged After Daughter Is Told Her Pants Were A 'Distraction' For Boys In Class


A West Michigan mother’s outrage against her daughter’s school’s dress code policy has gone viral on Facebook, prompting a response from the principal.

Brooke Fields says her daughter Madyson was pulled out of class on Feb. 10 because the teacher said her pants were too tight and distracting for the boys in the classroom, News Channel 3 reported. Madyson is an eighth-grader at Marshall Middle School.

“My daughter was just told she was a distraction to the boys and sent home from school,” Fields wrote in a Facebook post. “She said to my daughter look the boys are already staring at you. If you think the teacher is wrong. Share.”

Fields’ post received more than 48,000 shares in one day, prompting the school principal to send a letter out to parents.

In the lengthy note, the principal said the Facebook post was “not accurate.” He claimed that the teacher was just following protocol and cited the school’s dress code policy, which forbids “leggings, jeggings, yoga pants, tights, tight form fitting bottoms, etc.”

The principal added that the student was not suspended from school and that it was the mother’s decision to remove her daughter from school.

“Had the parent not taken her home, she could have stayed and attended classes without incident,” the principal wrote. “She would have been asked to not wear that again.”

Still, Fields and her daughter thought the incident was unfair.

“Did I feel that her outfit was inappropriate? No,” Fields said. “Those were not leggings, those were pants. I felt that she was modest and she was covered.”

“This is about girls being cut off at the knees,” Fields added. “Teachers are there to inspire them, to encourage them. They're not there to tell them that they're a distraction to the boys.”

Madyson said she thought it was unfair that the boys were dictating what girls can wear to class.

“I hope that the 20,000 people that shared this are inspired and realize that just because I'm a girl and that my teacher that I look up to is deeming me inappropriate because of what I wear and that boys are being distracted, that I don't need recognition from boys and that I can still wear what makes me feel pretty and just because someone is trying to cut you down, doesn't make it wrong," Madyson said.

Sources: News Channel 3, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook

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