Teen Sends Threatening Message To Missing Girl's Mom


A Tacoma, Washington, high school student was charged March 4 for cyberstalking a mother, reportedly threatening to kill her missing daughter if she refused to show him her breasts.

Bonney Lake High School student Robert Krug, 18, sent the alarming Facebook message to missing 14-year-old Haileyann Gregory’s mother on Jan. 29, The Daily Mail reports.

"Is it okay if I see your [breasts] and I'll give you ur daughter back,” he wrote to the mother. "If you don't I'll kill her."

When authorities questioned Krug, he apologized and said he only sent the message because he thought the mother was attractive. He has been charged with a felony that may amount to five years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

Krug initially contacted the mother only a few days before, asking if she was ok.

“Thank you for asking,” the mother responded at that time. “ I'm not doing too well. It's Tuesday and my daughter has been missing now seven weeks. I was hoping to sleep through so I wasn't having to live through hell of Tuesday. But I'm awake. Good time to pray.”

Soon after he asked if she was single and then sent the threatening sexual message.

Haileyann reportedly went missing on Dec. 8, 2015.

Her mother started a GoFundMe page to help locate her. The page has raised on $125 of the $30,000 goal as of March 8.

“My daughter is still missing for going on 3 months now," the mother wrote on the page. "I need your help to find my [14-year-old] daughter and get her the medical care she needs.

“ ... The police have not helped. And I [can’t] just sit here praying for her safe return. So I'm raising money to hire a private investigator to find my Haileyann. I'm rebuilding my life [and] going through a divorce, so our funds are very tight. But I wanted to make sure I can cover the cost of a private investigator, medical care, counseling [she’s] going to need when we find her."

Authorities ask anybody with information on the girl’s location to call 253-798-4721.

Sources: The Daily MailGoFundMe / Photo Credit: GoFundMe, Facebook via The Daily Mail

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