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Anti-Transgender Facebook Photos Go Viral (Photos)

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A series of pictures taken in response to anit-LGBT "religious freedom" bills has gone viral.

Kristi Merritt of Lakewood, Washington, posted several images meant to demonstrate her views on gender identity and public bathrooms.

There has been much discussion about the "religious liberty" legislation that has passed in various U.S. states, Pink News reports. In North Carolina, an ordinance was recently rolled back, meaning that now transgender individuals cannot use gender-appropriate bathrooms. Instead, they must use bathrooms based on their biological sex.

Supporters of the transgender community stated that forcing transgender men and women to use bathrooms opposite of their gender identity may lead to assaults. Those who oppose transgender bathroom rights said that a man could claim to "identify" as a woman in order to prey on girls.

On her Facebook page, Merritt posted a series of four images to illustrate her thoughts on the matter, as she does not believe "a man in women's clothes" should use women's restrooms.

"A man in women’s clothes does not make him a woman," she wrote in the April 12 Facebook post. "Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or lockers! #JustWantPrivacy #BeBold."

In three of the images, she dressed up in an attempt to demonstrate that an outfit does not change who she is.

In one photo, she donned a football jersey with a football and helmet. She held a sign that asks, "Does this make me Russell Wilson?"

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“Does this make me a Mexican?” she asked in a photo with a Corona Light beer, Mexican-style sombrero, salsa and chips.

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She also wore a pirate’s outfit with a hat, belt, plastic gun and fake parrot on her shoulder and asked, "Does this make me a Pirate?"

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This led to her final image, which showed a dress, a purse and heels laid out on a rug. Next to the outfit, a sign reads, "Then how can this make a man into a woman?"

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Merritt’s images have since gone viral, garnering over 26,000 likes and 62,900 shares in six days.

The photos have gained attention both from those who support her and those who oppose her viewpoints. Merritt wrote that "leftist haters" have reported her images to Facebook and are threatening her family.

"That is why I love my guns!!!" she wrote.

"These posts are PURE ignorance,” Facebook user Carly McMacken wrote. "Please keep your hate to yourself."

"It is truly upsetting that people go through life struggle with their identity and then people take advantage for their twisted ways," user Teri Larsen Farney wrote.

Source: International Journal Review, Pink News, Kristi Merritt/Facebook / Photo Credit: Kristi Merritt/Facebook

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