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Mother Stunned By Grocery Store Cashier's Act Of Kindness To Daughter With Down Syndrome (Photos)

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A grocery store cashier stunned a mother whose daughter has Down syndrome with an amazing act of kindness.

Orange County, California, mother Suzie Skougard took a trip to her local Ralph's grocery store in December 2015 with her 18-month-old daughter, Carly. She posted on Facebook about her experience, which included encounters with some “grinches.” 

As she and Carly were leaving, however, Skougard said she encountered a cashier who also had Down syndrome. 

“Today as we were leaving the store, [the cashier] said, ‘I have Down syndrome like her, and I have a big heart.'

“‘You definitely do have a big heart.’ I replied. ‘Does she know sign language?’ She asked as she pointed in Carly's direction.

‘She knows a few signs!’

‘When I was a baby I did this one (she signs more) and this one. (She signs please.)’

‘Yes! Carly knows those ones!’

‘I also know one more for her, I can teach her!’ And she signed 'I love you.’”

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Skougard said the interaction reminded her that “amidst all the Grinches today,” kindness goes a long way.

“So many people have written private messages about how they were inspired by the post and how they’ll take the time to interact more with those with disabilities when they encounter them in their day to day,” she told The Mighty after her post went viral.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Mighty, Team Carly Jean/Facebook / Photo credit: Team Carly Jean/Facebook

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