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Mom Heavily Questioned By Cop Before Zoo Trip (Video)

Ginger Borshov filmed a police officer confronting her at the front door of her home in Brunswick, Ohio, May 17 after she put her three kids in the family car and had gone back inside to get them some treats (video below).

Photography Is Not A Crime notes that while Police Officer Jonathan Page stood in Borshov’s open doorway, she began filming.

"[Filming] made him tone his attitude way down," Borshov told the website. "He had been so aggressive before."

"I was scared," Borshov recalled. "I know you are not supposed to touch cops but he was standing between me and my kids and I wasn’t sure if I should run out the [back door] to get to my kids."

In the video, Page tells the mom that he needs the name that goes with her vehicle. He adds that he is not demanding anything, but rather checking to see if her house is being burglarized.

Page also says that there are children who were left unattended in the vehicle (in Borshov's driveway).

Borshov tells Page that she is getting some snacks for her kids before they go to the zoo, but the incident continues.

Page tells the mom that he wants to make sure everything is OK and adds that it appears everything is alright.

The conversation keeps going as Page again tells Borshov that the kids were left unattended in the family van.

Page says that it looks "suspicious," and adds how he thinks the mom should appreciate police doing this check.

Borshov tells Page that he can ask if he can help, but adds that he cannot ask her to explain herself.

Page then asks if he can help by seeing if the home isn't being burglarized and that the children are OK. He also asks Borshov if she would like to give him her name so that it matches up with the vehicle. The mom refuses to give him her name.

Page then says that there is a neighbor who had a lawnmower stolen in the middle of the night, but Borshov tells him it's not the middle of the night right now.

Page asks Borshov again for her ID because of "suspicious activity."

Borshov asks if she is legally obligated to show her ID, and Page says it is now because he is doing a "welfare check" on the children.

Borshov told Photography Is Not A Crime:

He didn’t even write it down and I never gave him my physical identification. He just needed that small win to satisfy his ego.

I know this is a minor incident compared to what else happens out there, but it left me startled.

People need to know that you can just be loading up your kids in the car and have police accost you, demanding your papers.

The lawnmower theft story that Page mentioned turned out to be false, according to Borshov.

"[The Brunswick Police Department] told me I was not allowed to file a complaint because the chief is on vacation and they won’t tell me when he will be back,” Borshov stated.

The mom plans to meet with Brunswick Mayor Ron Falconi next month and record the meeting.

"My goal is to try and get the department to do some training with deescalation and nonviolent communication," Borshov told the website. "He came up to me with so much aggression."

"It left me with a deeper understanding about my rights," Borshov stated.

The state of Ohio says on its web page that people must give law enforcement their ID in the following situations:

The person is committing, has committed, or is about to commit a criminal offense.

The person witnessed any of the following:

An offense of violence that would constitute a felony under the laws of this state;

A felony offense that causes or results in, or creates a substantial risk of, serious physical harm to another person or to property;

(c) Any attempt or conspiracy to commit, or complicity in committing, any offense identified in division (A)(2)(a) or (b) of this section;

(d) Any conduct reasonably indicating that any offense identified in division (A)(2)(a) or (b) of this section or any attempt, conspiracy, or complicity described in division (A)(2)(c) of this section has been, is being, or is about to be committed.

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Sources: Photography Is Not A Crime, Ohio Government / Photo credit: Ginger Mama/YouTube

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