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Mom Gives Her 13-Year-Old Son Condoms (Photos)

A mom has gone viral for her decision to give her 13-year-old son an "emergency kit" that includes condoms (photo below).

Zephy Mahlis, from New South Wales, Australia, created the kit for her son James, Daily Mail reports. The kit, which has the phrase "Break glass in case of emergency" on it, includes batteries, razors, gift vouchers, hair gel, deodorant, money and condoms.

"Thank you Kmart for my son's shadow box," wrote Zephy in a Facebook post featuring the kit in a photo, according to the Sun. "He is turning 13 so I made him a teenager emergency kit LOL please no nasty comments."

"I'm very close with my son we share everything and anything and have a bond like no other, in my family we joke around," the mom added. "Part of his 13th birthday gift."

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Zephy said that she included the condoms to continue a dialogue with her son about sexuality and treating women with respect.

"I need to make sure that my son feels he can come to me about everything and anything with no judgment on my side," the mom told Kidspot. "It's vital to me to be connected with my teenage boy. I parent where I have to and I'm a friend when I need to be."

She said that, even though she does not expect her son to use the condoms or shaving supplies soon, she feels that educating kids early is important.

"We need to educate all our children. Luckily enough my bond with my son is incredible," said Zephy. "I taught him early the correct names for body parts: 'Penis, vagina and breasts.' He understands why a woman has a period; the cycle, the mood swings. We taught him to respect his manhood and respect any lady."

"I've guided him as much as I can by teaching him when that time comes to make it special not just for you but that girl too. If it's her first time, make it magical, memorable, be a gentleman," she added. "Some might say he's only 13, but I read stories of 13-year-olds having sex. It’s way too young, I don’t condone it, but we must get with the times. I need to make sure my child is aware of what happens when one decides to have sex, what's involved and what could happen; pregnancies and STDs."

According to Zephy, her son James loved the present.

"He hugged me, high-fived me, and laughed," said Zephy. "He said, 'Mum seriously you're the best, and condoms what were you thinking you're funny, I'm glad you’re so cool.'"

"My parents weren't open with me and I wouldn't want my kids to experience what I went through," added Zephy. "I was self-taught. Maybe this is why I am the way I am with my sons - open and honest."

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun, Kidspot / Photo credit: Victor/Flickr

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