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Woman Finds Her Pregnant Photos On Porn Site

An Australian mother-to-be posted photos of her baby bump online and later found somebody shared them on a porn site.

In 2014, 25-year-old blogger Meg Ireland uploaded private pregnancy photos onto a social media group for mothers, the Daily Mail reports.

Yet at least one of the group’s members was not who they claimed to be.

“One person in the group was a fake and was using my picture to encourage other ladies to post pictures of their bellies so they could steal them and post them on these bizarre sites,” Ireland wrote on her Facebook page.

The individual posted around 15 of Ireland’s photos on a “preggophilia” website - a porn website for those sexually attracted to expecting mothers.

What’s more, while “scrolling through the god awful site” she found even more disturbing content.

“People who were uploading pictures of their wife to other users, brother in laws uploading pictures of their sister in laws and women uploading pictures of their work colleagues!!! I literally couldn't believe what I was seeing,” she said.

“This can happen to anyone,” she added. “People's husbands and brothers were sharing these photos... people can be walking down the street and it could happen.”

After emailing the website and threatening legal action, they quickly took her photos down.

Now Ireland is using her experience to warn others.

“I just want to spread awareness and make sure others realize there are these people out there targeting innocent pregnant women online,” she said.

“I see so many people upload their bump pics and now I just gasp and hope to god they don't get into the hands of someone they shouldn't,” she added.

“We shouldn't have to worry about people stealing our photos, but unfortunately it happens ALL THE TIME!”,” Ireland later continued.

“WHYYY should we have to sit and worry about this when uploading a photo on our social media sites? Please be cautious about who follows/adds you,” she added.

Sources: Daily MailTheShutUpMegBlog/Facebook / Photo credit: TheShutUpMegBlog/Facebook

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