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Mom Asks Internet If Her 4-Year-Old Daughter Is Fat

Social media users have criticized a mother for posting an image of her 4-year-old daughter online, asking if she "looks overweight."

Users on website Mumsnet reassured a mother who posted a picture of her daughter, 4, online, after she says her mother-in-law told her that the young girl was "very chubby," Daily Mail reports. Users told her that the girl looked "healthy," and not to worry about her weight, while others criticized the mom for posting her daughter's picture.

"Do you think my [darling daughter] looks overweight?" asked the mom. She described how her mother-in-law told her to "put less sugar" into treats for the girl, because she would gain weight.

She added that her 44-pound, 3-foot 6-inch daughter "LOVES food and would eat all day if I let her," and that the girl swims "several hours a week."

Many of the responses to the post reassured the mom that her daughter was "perfectly normal," and that the 4-year-old "looks a perfectly healthy weight."

"Perfectly normal little girl, not overweight at all," wrote one user.

One user commented that she saw a "spare tire" around the girl's stomach, but faced backlash from other users, some of whom questioned why the mom even felt the need to post the image online.

"I know her face is not visible but it seems a bit awful to me that you've put a swimsuit pic of your child on the internet for others to comment on the size of her body," read one response. "If you're concerned, take her to the GP/nurse for a health check."

"It's so sad we have come so far in this obsession that healthy little girls like this are even questioned," lamented another user.

Another comment took issue with the original poster's mother-in-law's comments, advising, "I think you need to very firmly and very swiftly put a stop to comments like that from [mother-in-law]. It's totally inappropriate and potentially very damaging," they said.

The mom later returned to say that she had spoken to her mother-in-law.

"I did indeed put MIL in her place about this comment," she wrote. "I was furious that she mentioned a thing in front of [darling daughter]. I'm not furious that she thinks it though - everyone is entitled to an opinion."

In a similar case in 2016, a couple posted an image of their 1-year-old daughter to Reddit, where users called the toddler "fat."

"My fiance posted a picture of our daughter on Daddit yesterday and I accidentally published it to [image-hosting site] Imgur," wrote the baby's mother.

"Two people said she was unhealthily overweight and that we should take better care of her. My 14-month old," said the mom. "Who is perfectly healthy and thriving at a normal weight."

The poster added that larger babies run in both her and her fiance's families. "It makes me so sad that at one year old, she is already getting negative comments about her weight."

Sources: Daily Mail (2) / Photo credit: Magnus D/Flickr

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