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McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Pictures Go Viral, Employee Fired (Photos)

McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Pictures Go Viral, Employee Fired (Photos) Promo Image

A McDonald's employee has been fired after sharing photos of the inside of the fast food restaurant's ice cream machine.

Nick took to Twitter to share two photos of a moldy looking tray, which he alleges came from inside one of the ice cream machines of the McDonald's restaurant in which he works, The Sun reported.

"This came out of McDonald's ice cream machine in case y'all were wondering," he captioned one photo.

The photos show a slimy substance in the trays. It was retweeted more than 13,000 times, and sparked a furious debate among social media users about what the substance could be and why it wasn't cleaned.

Nick responded to users suggesting the substances affect the machine's functionality.

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"People keep quoting this and saying this is the reason it's always down, when it works perfectly fine with this in it," Nick tweeted.

Nick also included a photo of the side view of the machine in a bid to prove that the tray "was not a grease trap." He then posted photos of what he claimed customers were eating "fresh out the freezer."

The photos showed raw burgers, nuggets, and what appeared to be a chicken burger, along with some slices of bread.

"[It's] no surprise that it's frozen but this s**t isn't even real meat or fish," Nick wrote.

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But Nick wasn't done just yet. He shared particularly disturbing photos of the floor in the kitchen area of the McDonald's. Those photos showed thick blobs of grease and fat.

Nick revealed that he lost his job, but added that his decision to share the photos was a part of a larger scheme.

"Lmao I just got fired. Lmao I wanted to go out with a bang," Nick tweeted. "I got fired from McDonald's. I strategically planned this because I start working at my new job Friday. I planned on losing my job."

Several social media users reacted to Nick's twitter tirade. While some users expressed disgust, others didn't appear to be too bothered.

"Omg, I'm starting to feel real disgusted w/ myself for eating mcdonald's throughout the week last week," wrote one Twitter user.

"Yeah I worked for McDonald's for over 4 years and that's by far the nastiest one I've ever seen lol," wrote another.

"How does your tweet about ONE franchise of McDonald's justifies all McDonald's??" asked one user.

"And I'm sure your new employer will be happy and excited to have you after this," added another.

Sources: The Sun, Twitter / Photo credit: PixabayTwitter via The Sun

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