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2-Year-Old Shoving Hand Down Model's Bra Sparks Debate (Video)

Tillie Medland, a 20-year-old model, responded to criticism after a video (below) of her and her boyfriend's nephew went viral.

Medland, whose Instagram boasts well over 19,000 followers, is a model and student who documents her work and travels on the popular photo-sharing application.

On April 7, Medland posted an Instagram video of her and Jetson, her partner's 2-year-old nephew. The video shows the toddler shoving his hand down Medland's sports bra as his family and Medland crack up at his shamelessness.

Since its posting, the video has received over 68,700 views and 299 comments, which range from affirmative humor to utter disgust, the Daily Mail reported.

Medland said those who were reacting negatively were taking the short clip far too seriously.

One comment read: "Sick f*** she is. Allowing a child to touch her like that. Had she been a man the whole world would be labeling him a pedophile and a pig for letting a child touch him. What a shame."

Others found the action to be a biological response that many babies have.

"Toddlers drink milk from a breast. Thats all they associate with it. Secondly, her reaction made him want to do what he was doing more," another person wrote.

Many commenters criticized Medland and the toddler's parents for not stopping his bold move, and went so far as to say they should be put in jail for allowing it, while others insisted that there is nothing shameful about a baby's curiosity, and said parents should not affirm the sexualizing of women's breasts.

Medland confirmed that Jetson, or Jetty, as she referred to him in the video and post, is her boyfriend's nephew, and that it was the toddler's mother who recorded the video.

"I was holding Jetson. Initially when we were sitting in the chair he was just grabbing my top -- which was funny enough -- hence why Elena, Jetson’s mother, began to film," Medland said, according to Unilad.

"Jetson decided to put his hand down my sports bra and started grabbing my breasts. He could see us all laughing and was loving the attention, and became even more enthusiastic," she added.

The model found the entire situation with the boy "hilarious and heartwarming," and was shocked by some of the responses from "creepy guys" and "self-righteous people."

Medland hasn't responded to the comments personally, nor has she posted anything about the incident on Instagram since.

Sources: Daily Mail, Unilad, Tillie Medland/Instagram (2) / Photo credit: Tillie Medland/Instagram

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