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Model Forwards Man's Unwanted Nude Pic To Man's Mom

Model Forwards Man's Unwanted Nude Pic To Man's Mom Promo Image

A 21-year-old lingerie model, who says she often receives unwanted nude pictures from men, decided that turnabout was fair play.

Rebecca McGregor found the mother of one man who allegedly sent her an X-rated picture and forwarded the son's naughty picture to her, reports the Irish Mirror.

The Scottish model also included a message with the picture: "Hey doll, I see you're listed as [name removed]'s mother? I think you need to have a chat with your son on how to approach women -- see attached xx.."

McGregor told the Irish Mirror how she regularly gets obscene pictures from men:

I find the men sending these images really disrespectful and it makes me uncomfortable. I receive them at least three times a day unsolicited and mostly, they will just send them and not even try to say hi.

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Some might try and make conversation, but generally they just send them out of the blue and they appear in my inbox. It's not like they are getting to know me first and think, "she might like this."

McGregor wasn't through yet. She wrote about her revenge on Facebook on June 18:

Are you tired of unsolicited d*** pics from creeps????? Unwanted vulgar chat from strangers you've never spoken to?????? Take my approach, screenshot it and send it to their MA xx

EDIT: To answer everyone's questions about my photography, yes I take booking for both males and females, my Instagram is: [the lingerie photographer], where I take most of my bookings, and NO because my style of photography is boudoir photography does NOT mean I'm 'asking' to be sexually harassed

On June 21, McGregor posted screenshots of some unwanted messages she received on social media, and issued a lengthy scolding:

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It's great people are supposed to just accept this just because it's online :))))) and if you don't agree with being sexually harassed by strangers you've never spoken to you're a 'man hater' 'deserve it' or just have to 'block them' 'like everyone else' and let them know it's 'acceptable' to start on the next stranger :)))))) love this rape culture we all condone :)))))).

Would it be different if you went swimming with your mum in bikinis and a creepy ald random manny started groping your mum right in front of you? What would you do? Turn round, laugh, ignore him and keep swimming while he starts fingering your mum without her wanting it???? Apparently that's acceptable just because she's WEARING A BIKINI.

Or if you put a picture on Facebook with your 14 year old sister on holiday and a 67 year old man starts talking like this to her and flashing himself online to her? How many people here have kids?

Would you phone the police if your child came home from their walk home from school and said a man walked up to her and told her to 'suck his dick' while slapping it off her face? [Because] HE finds the 'school uniform look SEXY' Would you just tell her to laugh at him 'next time'? Highly doubt all you 'decent' mothers would laugh it off. 

Sources: Rebecca McGregor/Facebook (2), Irish Mirror / Photo Credit: evan p. cordes/Flickr, Piotr VaGla Waglowski/Wikimedia Commons, Lara Schneider via Lara604/Flickr

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