MMA Fighter Taunts Opponent, Gets Knocked Out (Video)

Joe Harding taunted his opponent, John Segas, on Feb. 18, but ended up getting knocking out during the British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts (BCMMA) 18 featherweight title fight in Colchester, England (video below).

According to the Daily Mail, Harding was the hometown favorite and won the first two rounds, which spurred him on to show off some dance moves in the ring.

Harding's taunting left him open to a brutal kick to the head by Segas, knocking him unconscious.

Segas also threw some punches at his helpless opponent as he lay on the mat.

The BCMMA later tweeted an update: "Joe Harding was on the floor for a long time being seen to by the medics but thankfully was able to walk himself out of the cage. #BCMMA18," noes Metro.

Dana White, who heads the UFC in the U.S., tweeted: "I hate when guys do this s*** and this is what happens when u do!!!!!"

Fans weighed in on the BCMMA Facebook page:

  • World class IMO! Look forward to #BCMMA19
  • What a smashing night
  • Great card some good action shame about the illegal shot finish decision but such is life looking forward to #19.

The BCMMA patted itself on the back:


Last night's show was outstanding and we'd like to extend our thanks to the amazing staff that worked incredibly hard to deliver an amazing event that was yet again our best ever. Our cuts men, handwrappers, referees, timekeepers, judges, commission and backstage staff are second to none and put the fighters first.

A huge thanks to all the fighters that put it all on the line and showcased some extremely high level MMA. Every bout was a pleasure to watch and whether you won or lost you should hold your head high and be proud of your performances!

And to the fans, thanks so much for all your support without you we wouldn't be able to put these events on. Thank you for generating the incredible atmosphere at the Live events and for keeping coming back and supporting the event you are amazing!

Sources: Daily Mail, MetroBritish Challenge Mixed Martial Arts/Facebook / Photo credit: British Challenge Mixed Martial Arts/Facebook

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