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MMA Fighter Pounds Opponent After Knockout (Video)

An MMA middleweight fight during the Bellator 150 came to an extra brutal ending on Feb. 26 in Mulvane, Kansas (video below).

Kendall Grove knocked out Francisco "Kiko" France, but then hit France three more times in the head while France lay on the canvas, noted

Before the fight, France told “Kendall is a veteran fighter, has competed at some of the biggest promotions, but if you look at his recent fights, he doesn’t seem too motivated, he doesn’t look like the old Kendall. But I worked hard and trained hard for the best Kendall. I’m very motivated. I feel I’m at the top of my game. I really, really want to win this fight, and that will make the difference.”

"I see myself knocking him out, I see myself submitting him," France added. "Every time I envision this fight, I’m beating him. Sometimes I imagine him putting me in trouble, but I always come back and win (laughs). I think about what I did in training, my entire camp, and that gives me confidence to go there and win."

Sources:, / Photo credit: ESPN Deportes via YouTube

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