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MMA Fighter Acts Like A Fool During Face-Off, Gets KO'd In 20 Seconds (Video)

Everyone loves a good payback story, and this one is about as juicy as they get.

Mixed martial arts fighters Ben Nguyen and Julz “The Jackal” Rabaud squared off last March for a fight. At their weigh-in, the fighters posed face to face, as is custom, for a few photos. Here’s the problem: Rabaud took the drama too far during the face-off.

Instead of just posing with Nguyen, Rabaud insisted on pressing his fist and forehead into Nguyen’s face. Nguyen was clearly not a fan of the unnecessary aggression, and even cracked a smile about how ridiculous Rabaud was acting. Rabaud remained hostile and stone-faced.

A few days later, the two squared off for their fight. This time, Rabaud didn’t seem so tough. Nguyen pummeled Rabuad relentlessly as soon as the fight started. Within 20 seconds of the first round, Nguyen sent Rabaud to the mat with a KO. Justice served.

Here, courtesy of YouTube user RogueRonin, is the extremely satisfying clip:

Source: YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot


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