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Missouri Unitarian Church Discovers Vandalism On 'Black Lives Matter' Sign

A Missouri Unitarian church was the target of vandalism when someone spray-painted over its “Black Lives Matter” sign.

Eliot Chapel in Kirkwood, Missouri, has had a Black Lives Matter sign hanging outside since Aug. 9, the one year anniversary of police shooting Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

On Sept. 29, an employee of Eliot Chapel discovered the graffiti. There were black scribbles and the letters “F U” across the sign.

“Well, Eliot Chapel is now officially in the vandalism club,” the Rev. Barbara Gadon wrote on her Facebook page. “We’re calling the police and ordering 2 new signs, so we can be ready for the next time. 51 days is pretty good. Sad. Angry, Determined.”

On Oct. 18, the sign was replaced and rededicated. 

Gadon and her congregation have been involved in the Black Lives Matter movement since Brown’s death. Weekly vigils are held at Eliot Chapel, in which members of the congregation stand on the sidewalk with signs that say “We Stand With Ferguson” and “Black Lives Matter.”

The new sign was placed in the same spot as the old one.

Kirkwood police continue to investigate the vandalism.

Sources: Fox 2 Now, St. Louis Post-Dispatch / Photo credit: The Rev. Barbara Gadon via  St. Louis Post-Dispatch


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