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Big Freedia Show Canceled Over Concerns Of Twerking In Mississippi (Video)

A performance by hip-hop artist Big Freedia at The Dollar Box Showroom in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was canceled on Feb. 12 due to concerns of twerking and gyrating (video below).

Ben Shemper, who owns the club, said that an officer from the State Alcohol Beverage Control agency called him and said the performance would violate Mississippi codes based on YouTube videos of the bounce star.

"The word gyrating was in there," Shemper told The Times-Picayune. "He made it sound like it was some kind of strip show or whatever."

Shemper canceled the show because he doesn't want to upset the state agency.

According to Shemper, Big Freedia previously performed at his Benny's Boom Boom Room club in Hattiesburg and in other Mississippi clubs.

Freedia, who stars on her own reality TV show, "Big Freedia: Queen of Bounce," often asks audience members to join her on stage for twerking.

Rusty Hanna, Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control chief of enforcement, said, "[I]f they canceled, it was their own decision," but added that the agency may have reminded Shemper about rules against nudity and sexual content.

"We did not see anything that violated our regs," Hanna added.

Freedia's co-manager Reid Martin said that a Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control officer had viewed Freedia's YouTube videos and told him that the performances would be "illegal in a place that serves alcohol in Mississippi."

“It’s some bogus bull----,” Freedia told The Guardian. “No matter where it’s coming from."

“Even though we do a-- shaking, it’s the culture of bounce music," Freedia added. "I didn’t know twerking violated anybody’s amendments. Our right is to be who we want to be and dance in a manner that we want to.”

Sources: The Guardian, The Times-Picayune / Photo Credit: TheQueenDivaTV/YouTube

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