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Mississippi Car Crash Witness Becomes Web Sensation (Video)

A police officer was involved in a serious car crash on Monday in Jackson, Mississippi, but one of the accident witnesses is stealing the spotlight on the web.

Courtney Barnes, an ex-contestant on the TV show "So You Think You Can Dance," described the crash for MS News Now (video below).

Barnes recalled:

The police officer got behind the man and started going so fast that his car spinned out of control, girl, he hit the pole, his head went to one side, and his body went to the other side, and this is the result. Lord, be with this young man, he need a blessing!

Barnes added:

Well, ma'am, I was actually going to buy me a piece of burger from Burger King and I just stopped right in the middle because my hunger just went away. Because when I seen that accident, girl, I just began to be nosy and I just had to just understand that somebody was experiencing this difficulty moment that was just not, ma'am, I just cannot bear to continue to talk, because it's just so...

Barnes later collected herself and went into greater detail:

And the police car just twist around like a tornado, girl, and the Lord just shook it up and the man just got injured. And now the result is this police officer don't know if his life is going to continue to make it or he gonna just tap out.

According to, the injured police officer may be well enough to leave the hospital today.

Sources:, MS News Now
Image Credit: MS News Now Screenshot


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