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Waitress Who Received 75 Percent Tip Tracks Down Tipper To Thank Him

Minnesota waitress Michelle Mattura was shocked when she went to collect her table’s check and realized the customers had left her a nearly 75 percent tip.

“I opened it and there was a hundred in there and instantly, you’re like, ‘Shoot, where are they? I gotta get their change,’” Mattura told KARE 11.

Another server, however, told Mattura the family had already left and the bill was settled.

“I’ve been serving for 14 years and I’ve never had anything quite like that,” Mattura said.

Mattura is a single mother of five children and she takes care of younger children during the day before her night shift at the restaurant. Mattura said the act of kindness was a nice surprise for a broke single mom like herself.

Mattura set out to find the couple and their young daughter who dined at the restaurant in order to thank them. She had faith she would be able to track the couple down, especially the man, since he had a distinctive face tattoo.

After posting a photo of the tip on Facebook, Mattura received a tip on Wednesday suggesting that the man possibly worked as a tattoo artist at Mafia Ink.

Mattura eventually found and thanked the man, Cory Dee, who humbly accepted her gratitude.

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Sources: KARE 11, 13 MAZ / Photo Credit: CBS News


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